Adopt a friend

Taking a responsible decision

Adopting a pet implies giving the animal all the care and attention it needs, making it feel comfortable, safe, healthy and happy


The arrival of a pet at home means the addition of a new family member. He must be loved and cared for in the same manner. 


Pets need veterinary checks to prevent disease, maintain a healthy and long life without forgetting keeping up to date with their vaccinations.


They need to be adequately feed, in terms of quantity and quality, as it`s the foundation of good health.


The pet needs to feel comfortable in its new home. You must have appropriate space for their needs and characteristics. It is important that they become familiar with your surroundings.


Do not forget you have to dedicate them some time, taking them for walks, exercising and playing with them. It is a moment for all to enjoy.


From we advocate and encourage responsible adoption, in which the dog-owner relationship is mutually satisfactory.

How to adopt?


Go to the Zoosanitary Center with your Identification (DNI, Passport, NIE, etc.)

Located at Camino de las Erizas, 5, from Monday to Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Identification and vaccination of the animal

Veterinary recognition of the animal you wish to adopt and its vaccination history will be provided, as the case may be.

Complete the Adoption form

To officially adopt your pet you must fill out a short form. Download.

Pay the public fee

You must to pay the public adoption fee that will range between € 30 and € 50, depending on whether the animal already has a chip or not. Check prices.

General conditions for adoption

All the animals housed in the Zoosanitary Park that have not been claimed by their owners for the minimum period of 10 days, and according to the criteria of the veterinary doctor have an acceptable state of health and no detectable behavioral issues, can be adopted.

People who wish to adopt an animal, must prove they are of legal age by presenting their ID. They must not have been legally sanctioned for any serious or very serious infractions regulated by Law 11/2003, of November 24, for the Protection of Animals, through a Responsible Declaration. They will be required to sign the Adoption Document complying with the aforementioned Law.

The animals will be wormed, vaccinated and identified by means of a microchip, with the adopter taking charge of these expenses: Fiscal Ordinance No. 46 of Public Prices of the Zoosanitary Center.

For the adoption of Potentially Dangerous Animals, the adopter must prove to be in possession of the License for the Possession of Potentially Dangerous Animals. Check the Municipal Ordinance on the Tenure of Company and Potentially Dangerous Animals.